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It Came Ivory -- Fanfic
slashedbeat_exe wrote in ryotai
Title: It Came Ivory
Pairing: Taichi/Ryoma
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own PoT or any of its characters. "Ivory" is actually a song sung by Dragon Ash.
Summary: You can't rely on the beat of a drum to guide your feet. You may get lost, or even worse, all washed up.

Everything came in flashes of light, everything out to blind him. Music played loudly from every corner of the street, and he'd lost sight of dad to boot. Traffic was light as ever, but many people were about, as if it were some festival going on and he knew nothing of it. Not like that never happened before...

Ryoma carried nothing but the clothes on his back and the beat on his heart from the electronic drums. Why should he carry any more on a Sunday evening?

As his footsteps became pacened, he came upon a turn, upon another turn, upon another, and soon he did not even know where he was anymore. Shops were open left and right, and if there were any more plastic bags in sight, he'd think they were people themselves. Soon the beating of the music faded behind him, but Ryoma had never been one to pay attention to such details.

One beat in particular seemed to follow him down the street, a rapid, galloping noise. Rappadadap, rappadadap, whooo~

His breath drew back when his ankle hit the water of a stream, and he quickly back away from it. How embarrassing it would be! To walk into a stream like that... He might have been spared the shame, had someone not bumped into him and sent him tumbling forward.

He flailed temporarily and gulped at the water, feeling the beat leave his feet and pound through the water and into his ears. Rappadadap, fwuuu~

Two thin arms snaked at his sides, small fingers dug desperately into his ribs. It was like being tickled, something startling to him, but he didn't fight against it. Soon, his head was above water again, and water flowed down in tendrils from his locks. Blinded by rivers, the same rapid beat returned with a ferosity like no other. Even though the fingers had left him, his ribs still ached from salvation.

"I'm so sorry! Please forgive me!!"

radda radda... shakka fwuuu~

"It was an accident! I didn't mean to knock you over..."

fwuuuu no no no...

Ryoma turned a pensive glance behind him, before turning fully. A scrawny child stood before him, looking flustered and a bit wet. His brown eyes were dabbed with worry, though they shifted away from Ryoma's. Oh, how he felt like condemning the boy. But his mind was soon distracted, as it tended to do when he wasn't playing tennis, and his eyes fixed on the boy's shirt. A deep purple banner embroidered on a white shirt spoke loudly, "Dragon Ivory!"

Some celebrity? A singer? A band?


Ryoma's eyes flashed back to the still worried expression. He felt himself sway, as he stared at the smaller boy, the beat returning. He'd never felt so light headed over anything...

The boy leaned close, whispering carefully whilst his green headband slipped dangerously down his forehead. "Echizen-kun?"


Omg, my writing style gets so weird sometimes. XD Sorry if this one was kinda boring. XD And it's not very slashy either. But then again, Ryoma makes it difficult to make anything slashy. <<


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