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Ochibi Love

Because they're too cute for words**

Petite || Pair
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Step #1: Join!


This community is for the cute (and almost non-existant) pairing DanxEchizen from Prince of Tennis! Or a relationship of any kind between them! ^^

Rules/Stuff you can do here:
-Introducing yourself is fine, let us know why you like this pairing. =3
-Topics can be about pretty much anything, as long as it has to do with Taichi, Ryoma, or both.
-Any kind of fanart, fics, quizes, icons, screencaps, whatever is accepted! (as long as it's related to the community) Any rating is acceptable as well, as long as everything's put behind an LJ-cut, and it's labeled properly.
-You can share or advertise your own websites or give fic recs.
-Stealing someone else's work is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Not even in a small community like this.
-NO flamewars. (though that's extremely doubtful to ever happen here. XD)
-And of course, have fun~

Here are the formats for fan related stuff:

Warnings(if any):
Summary:(or author's notes...)

I dropped the forms for fanart, because, well, it's not all that necessary. However, if the piece is not worksafe, label it as such, and put all images behind an LJ cut. ^^

You can post fanworks that aren't yours, but you MUST say that they aren't yours, and at least credit the original author/artist, website, etc. that you got it from... And feel free to just link to such things if you want. ^^

Places to visit~
Fanfiction.net C2 Community: The Petite Pair

Join the Dan Taichi Fanlisting~ Join the Echizen Ryoma Fanlisting~

Would you like to be an affiliate? Post and say so! =D

Notice: For members and non-members alike, if you're looking for specific content in this community, such as icons or fanart, it's always sorted out in the memories section. Also, as most of you probably already know, there are various themed communities, such as 30_kisses. I will be having an archive keeping track of all my Dan/Echizen fics I write for said communities in a post, which can be easily accessed from the memories area, under the title: Themed Fics. Thank you all for reading. ^w^