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[FIC] Date-O! Date-O! Arc - Middle School Years - 06
Hi all. Just wanna quickly drop by with an update to a Echizen/Dan fic I started and dropped 4 years ago. Well, now I'm back to finish it. ^^ It's also because I've fallen in the pairing all over again! I don't know if anyone still remembers this fic - I myself have forgotten about it before I went back to it (^^;;) - but nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it. ^^

It'll be useful to read the first 5 chapters first, so you know what's happening in this 6th chapter.

Author : Wind Chijmes
Archive : Wind Chijmes Pavilion

Title : Date-O! Date-O! Arc - Middle School Years - 06
Previous chapters : Prologue ~ Chapter 1 ~ Chapter 2 ~ Chapter 3 ~ Chapter 4 ~ Chapter 5
Rating : PG-13
Pairing : Echizen x Dan, hints of InuiKai, Golden Pair, FujiTez
Warnings : Shounen-ai, fluff, sweetness, mild teenage lime, TWT
Disclaimer : Prince of Tennis belongs to Konomi Takeshi. Not me.

Summary : Echizen celebrates with his team members after the Kantou Tournament, and finds himself missing Dan despite himself. With some help from his adoring and nosy seniors, Echizen gets a surprise waiting for him.

Author's Notes : Some liberties have been taken with the anima/manga storyline - I've mixed some of the elements. Pardon me. ^^;; And oh, four years is a long time. The writing may be pretty raw; I'm still getting into the characterisations and whatnot. Hope you enjoy anyway!

behind the fake-cut

A shout-out (for help!)
Eh, a while ago my laptop crashed and I just got it fixed. 9__9 So I lost all reference pictures.

I'd like to draw some art but... I don't have any pictures of Taichi.

Would anyone have any screen caps I could use as reference? That would be reeeeally helpful to me!

Though, I may just start drawing from memory, anyway. This place could seriously do with some art or something. XD

Ideas for teh AU's~~~
I've been seriously neglecting my themes lately, and have just started to pick back up on them. My idea for au100 and I wanted to use Ryo-chan and Tai-chan in different roles each fic. I've already done the angel parody already. Now all that I can come up with are Demons (typical option, but it can be done in creative ways still!), pirates (my personal favorite), *coughninjascough*, swordsman, samurai(yes, they are different), *snickers* mermaids, dragons, ....werewolves (sounds cheesy, doesn't it?), vampires (kinda like demons, huh?), cat-boy, siren, sailor, fairies.....

That's pretty much all I can think of right now... so that makes for... 1...2...13 different possibilities. Not nearly 100 but I'm getting there! Maybe I'll throw in pixies, too? Eh, I'll be in with more later. Btw, from now on, I'll be posting fiction with my writing account and artwork with my art account. Woot! (wow, we need more traffic...)

It Came Ivory -- Fanfic
Title: It Came Ivory
Pairing: Taichi/Ryoma
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own PoT or any of its characters. "Ivory" is actually a song sung by Dragon Ash.
Summary: You can't rely on the beat of a drum to guide your feet. You may get lost, or even worse, all washed up.

is glossy, at the riverbank, is glossy...Collapse )

Omg, my writing style gets so weird sometimes. XD Sorry if this one was kinda boring. XD And it's not very slashy either. But then again, Ryoma makes it difficult to make anything slashy. <<

[Fic] Movie
Pairing: RyoTai
Rating: G? Not bad.
Summary: Echizen and Dan. At a movie.
A/N: Er, this may be OOC, seeing as I wrote it some odd months ago when I had only been in PoT for a month. ^^;; (And I am a nervous person, posting this in any comm was hard for me)

And my intro, hey, the name's Lege and I've been a PoT fan since April. Ryotai since June.

This cut is ACTUALLY real! =OCollapse )

New Address

*sigh* Here's the new site address, I forgot to change it. XD 499angels was fun but too small, so... Yeah, there have been a few minor changes, but nothing major. I'll consider a new layout for it once I get more content. But for now, just the address has changed. Just wanted to let you guys know~

Please give me your opinions on the site, if you think there are any extra stuff that I should add and whatnot. Every bit of participation helps~


New Themes list, Individual Tables
*sigh* I've been tapped for ideas on fics but my fanart ideas are overflowing. Too bad I can't draw. XD I shall try to anyways... Later. <<

Well, some of you may have noticed my earlier post on themes for Taichi/Ryoma fics and such. I've started a new journal, username being azuru, so I can link to separate tables. =B I shall list them all here~

Echizen Ryoma/Dan Taichi

Souma Yuki/Dan Taichi

Echizen Ryoma/Dan Taichi

New Colorbar!! ^^
We have a new colorbar! I made it myself, of course. =0=

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Another AU fic~
Title: Left Alone
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairing: Echizen Ryoma/Dan Taichi
Rating: PG-13
Prompt#1: Beginnings
Word Count: 1656
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I don't own Prince of Tennis. v__v;;
Summary: On a hunt, Ryoma stumbles across a fallen angel. However, some encounters just weren't meant to be.

Left BehindCollapse )
Tags: ,

Themed Fics by slashedbeat_exe
This is the official post for all of my theme community challenges that involve Taichi, Ryoma, and RyomaxTaichi. X3 Currently, I only have up two tables for 10hugs and 30_tortures, but I also signed up for two others, which I hope will be accepted soon. ^^

Here's what I have so far~

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