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[Fic] Movie
koshifuri wrote in ryotai
Pairing: RyoTai
Rating: G? Not bad.
Summary: Echizen and Dan. At a movie.
A/N: Er, this may be OOC, seeing as I wrote it some odd months ago when I had only been in PoT for a month. ^^;; (And I am a nervous person, posting this in any comm was hard for me)

And my intro, hey, the name's Lege and I've been a PoT fan since April. Ryotai since June.

“Ryoma-kun!” Ryoma pulled his hat down, praying that people didn’t start staring at the ball of energy a few yards away. Why had he decided to come to this movie again? “Hurry up or the movie will start without us!” Oh yes, that was why, Taichi had begged him to, and he had given into Taichi’s puppy dog eyes.

Ryoma didn’t respond, only followed Taichi into the movie theater. At least there was such thing as pre-ordering the tickets. Taichi, though, had to nearly drag Ryoma into the theater room, seeing as the slightly taller pre-teen wasn’t moving all that fast, and the movie was to start in ten minutes.

No way would Ryoma have made it all the way across the building in that amount of time otherwise.

“Dan, shouldn’t we be sitting in middle?” Ryoma asked, looking all the way up the stairs of the room, to where Taichi standing next to one of the back rows.

Taichi shook his head. “No! The view up here is better!” Ryoma sighed, following his boy… er… friend, up the stairs, settling next to him as the opening commercials started. Something about Atobe putting out a single, some movie premieres and then the movie.

As the movie progressed, Ryoma found himself not all that bothered by Taichi’s occasional outbursts, surprising even himself. He had even relaxed enough to actually start watching the movie, well, that was until Taichi turned to face him.

“Ano… Ryoma-kun… are you having fun? You don’t seem like you are, maybe I shouldn’t have gotten you to come… Am I annoying you? I know I tend to ramble, but I didn’t want you to come if you weren’t going to l-“

“Taichi,” Dan shut his mouth, blushing slightly, hoping the darkness of the room would hide it. “I’m fine,” Taichi grinned, leaning against Ryoma, who tensed up, before relaxing, realizing Taichi hadn’t done it intentionally, and that there wasn’t really much of a chance of getting the other off of him.

By the time the movie had ended, Taichi had fallen asleep, Ryoma soon after, head resting on shorter boys. Maybe, Ryoma’s sleep fogged mind had told him before he fell asleep, that going to a movie with Taichi wasn’t that bad at all.

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Thanks. XD The only part I found annoying about the thing was making Taichi sound like Taichi without saying "desu". Meaning I had to make it respectful sounding, yet not. x_x

lol! Oh, I know! XD

Well, I think the most important thing to keep in mind is the rambling. From there, it sounds like one of his little rants whether it's overly polite or not. XD

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