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Ideas for teh AU's~~~
slashedbeat_exe wrote in ryotai
I've been seriously neglecting my themes lately, and have just started to pick back up on them. My idea for au100 and I wanted to use Ryo-chan and Tai-chan in different roles each fic. I've already done the angel parody already. Now all that I can come up with are Demons (typical option, but it can be done in creative ways still!), pirates (my personal favorite), *coughninjascough*, swordsman, samurai(yes, they are different), *snickers* mermaids, dragons, ....werewolves (sounds cheesy, doesn't it?), vampires (kinda like demons, huh?), cat-boy, siren, sailor, fairies.....

That's pretty much all I can think of right now... so that makes for... 1...2...13 different possibilities. Not nearly 100 but I'm getting there! Maybe I'll throw in pixies, too? Eh, I'll be in with more later. Btw, from now on, I'll be posting fiction with my writing account and artwork with my art account. Woot! (wow, we need more traffic...)

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I'm doing this challenge for the Tezuka/Ryoma pairing so I know your pain. We've actually got the same ideas for some of them. Although I do have something like 99 ideas now ^^;;;

I can't wait to see what you write for this pairing. There just isn't enough written for this comm :(

No way! O_O; How on earth can you come up with 99? XDDD I need some mythology books or something. Haha.

I'm going to try my best~
And I know what you mean, XP I refuse to let this place die though, no worries. (even though I didn't post for a century and a half, haha!)

How many fics do you have done for your challenge?

My AU table is:http://community.livejournal.com/neko_writes/8833.html

My ideas came to me over the last year, I just wrote all of them down. Plus, doing sequels in the same universe (for example, 'The Karupin Letters' has a sequel, meaning 2 AUs for the table).

(Sorry, I'm too lazy to sign out of my RP journal)

Ah, I see. XP I guess that works. Hmm looks like wikipedia will be my only saviour now~ but thanks for the link.

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