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Because they're too cute for words**

8 icons!! XD
I took some screencaps from episode 127 and took off with em. X3 Here's some teasers~

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1 Fanart! <3
I actually drew Echizen this time!! XDDD Not all that great, but cute nonetheless. << I guess I had a "Take your medicine" image in my head at the time I drew this, so it came our... well, like that. XD Next up, some more tenipuri ochibis and some cosplay fanart. <3

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I've been rewatching all the epies I have, so that I'll have a better grip of all the characters when I'm writing my fics~ Although most of them will probably be AU anyway... >.< Heeey, I love them AU fics....

website updates~
Midori Denki has been updated. *finally* @_@ And I'm currently rewatching the entire series of Prince of Tennis, because I'm seriously losing my grip on the whole story. =0= After about 20 more episodes, I think I'll be able to draw that accursed Echizen~ But until then, I'll mostly only draw Taichi. T__T

Anyways, back to the updates, it's more or less just fanfiction, because I want to create some better, more detailed works before I actually put them up on there. ^^ I'll let you guys know when I've done that~

My Craptacular Fanart! =0
Yays, I finally drew something. ARG! Though Echizen is still a challenge for me. << For some strange reason. blarg.... Anyways,

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elouai dolls <3
Old School
I love this website! I made echizen and dan dolls. =0

It gets addicting after a while. I think I'm going to make a sakuno and a tomoka doll after this. ^^ And Ann, if I remember how she dresses like. XP
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It was really hard making Ryoma. ._.' Because most of the eyes were really googly, and yah. << Taichi was pretty easy (and most fun) to make. ^^ I was thinking of adding wings to them, but I thought I could probably do that some other time...

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Here's a fic recommendation. It's waaay better than mine, probably the only good danxechizen fic out there. ^^' Anyways, I *hope* to change that... *sigh* hope. lol XD

Title: DateO! Arc
Author: Wind Chijmes
Rating: T
Warnings: kissing =P
Summary: Out of the blue, Echizen gets waylaid by a persistent Dan Taiichi...boy angst and blossoming shounen-ai ensue, and everyone else is quick to get into the action.

This fic is absolutely adorable!! それはかわいい!! I can only hope to one day produce a fic this good. ^^' But until then, I guess I'll just practice. XD Hope you guys like this fic, and please review the author. Hopefully she'll come back and update someday. T3T

my first PoT fic~ It's AU though...<<
Title: You Are Mine
Author: Mag (Azuru)
Rating: K+
Warnings: AU!!!
Summary: Echizen Ryoma, the son of a nobleman, is tired of walking in his father's shadow. A servant boy, Dan Taichi, sees him in a totally different light.

*le sigh* I just hope this blows over well. XD
I'm still a bit rusty on the fic writing, but I think I'll do alright. This chapter is chapter 1, woot. I'm currently working on chapter 2, which hopefully won't take too long since my exams are literally right around the corner.

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I'm the moderator of this community, and probably will be it's long time only member. ^^' But I'd like to welcome you here anyways! I want to bring the cuteness of Ryoma/Taichi into the worlds of other PoT fans~ So I decided to make this community...

I'm not really strict about anything, so feel free to join. ^^ Even if I'll most likely be here by my lonesome (;.;) I shall be posting stuff like fics and fanart (and maybe other fanworks...) for this cute couple, so... Yeah, come check this place out every once in a while at least. =)

I hope to go around gathering a few members... And possibly advertise other places and such. ^^ This is all for now~ *goes off to work on website*



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